Thursday, March 19, 2009

Red Biker Girl

A splash page for a comic that I'm working on. I wanted the girl to have a daredevil, bring -it-on type of attitude. The details on the bike were a pain to do, especially from such an angle, but I wanted the perspective such that it looks like a giant wheel was coming towards us. The debris, on the other hand, was fun to work on.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman at war with the parademons on Apokolips. Perhaps inspired by fantasy art, I wanted to do a mythical homage to Wonder Woman #1 (1941). My original idea was to have her fight Nazis and using a sword, but I ended up going with the modern incarnation of Wonder Woman. I also went with a spear instead. I used a muted red palette to make the environment look more "hellish".

Magician poster

Because this is a poster for an old-school magic performance, I wanted to create a vintage-photo feel for this illustration. 

Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler

Jessica Alba

A fairy tale, doll-like portrayal of a movie star at a typical publicity event, with the usual glamor, glitz and lights. A portrait exercise using Photoshop. 


Spider-woman climbing a skyscraper. I put clouds in the reflection to give a sense of height.

Modern-age Supergirl

My interpretation of the modern-age Supergirl flying as the sun sets.


There was a buzz at one point on some forums that Barbara Gordon would be Batgirl again. I thought one of the first things I'd like to see her do is beat up on the Joker. I decided to add Harley as well. 


A mock movie poster I did for fun. Fully rendered in Photoshop.